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    Topic headings not showing in Firefox, with RoboHelp HTML version 8 WebHelp

    Philip Tory Level 1

      1. I have just upgraded a customer's Help project to RH8, with a WebHelp layout.


      The finished WebHelp Guide works fine in Internet Explorer 8.


      But Firefox (latest update) does not show topic headings (style Heading 1) where they are automatically linked to the Topic Properties > Topic Title.; i.e. the topic heading is a Field {Title}, using rh-variable_start name="title" etc. Firefox only shows the topic heading if the heading exists as text in the WYSIWYG field.


      I checked a backup copy of the compiled WebHelp that I had generated using RoboHelp HTML version 7, and this works OK - all topic headings that are fields display OK in Firefox.


      2. Also, some images (.gif format) do not display in Firefox that is generated by RH8.


      Any ideas, anyone?