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    Initial draft of AIR support available

    legrosb Level 3

      Last night Sim and I got the first run at support to run tests using ADL out on the flexunit master at GitHub:




      I've updated the README.txt for the FlexUnit4SampleCIProject to include details on how to use the new "player" attribute (http://github.com/flexunit/flexunit/blob/master/FlexUnit4SampleCIProject/README.txt).  I've also included a sample Ant build script to build using the AIR support (http://github.com/flexunit/flexunit/blob/master/FlexUnit4SampleCIProject/build.air.xml).  For anyone interested in Maven, I've also included an example of how to use the latest version of FlexMojos with FlexUnit4 (http://github.com/flexunit/flexunit/blob/master/FlexUnit4SampleCIProject/pom.xml).  Please note, that as stated in the README.txt, these are just suggestions of how you can work with FlexUnit4 in a build process with various tools (i.e. - Ant, Maven); everyone has stylisticlly different ways of doing things, we're offering these examples as a place to start.


      I want to thank Conrad Winchester for his hard work in helping me write and test this latest set of changes.  He's run them through the gambit on Windows and Linux as well as testing it successfully using the AIR 2.0 SDK.  Please feel free to tear in and find the gremlins.


      On a side note, I know that browser support and xvfb support has been requested, so those are going to be my next focuses after I get back from vacation.  No firm dates yet, but I'll try to keep my fork on GitHub up-to-date (http://github.com/blegros/flexunit) for those who want to hack.