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    1 fps problems

    Sekhar Ravinutala

      I have AE CS3 and when I set the composition to 1 fps, I'm not able to set the composition length as needed. E.g., choosing 00:01:00:00 sets the length as 1 frame. AE is just rejecting the minutes entry. Other frame rates are working fine, the problem seems to be only with 1 fps. Anyone else having this issue and/or know of a fix?

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          I don't have CS3 loaded right now, but setting the composition settings to 1fps should work just fine.

          If not, you could just leave your composition frame rate at a normal framerate, and apply "Posterize Time" to your compoistion (precomp as needed).

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Possible that this is a bug, but using 1 fps seems a very odd way of working in the first place. Can't you just use a more conventional framerate and then time-stretch?



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              Sekhar Ravinutala Level 1

              Yeah, seems like a bug. My AE effort is to generate animation data for a Unity project, I'm not processing any footage. If you're interested, check out the draft at http://www.allurefx.com/Projects/Mergex/Mergex.html.


              What I'm doing is animating car layers and then exporting out the keyframe data into Excel for processing and feeding to Unity. The reason I wanted a 1 fps is to be able to keyframe the animation at will and then generate 1 keyframe every sec (through keyframe assistant). If I have a higher FPS, it's going to generate that many more intermediates keyframes that I don't need because the assistant creates one keyframe/frame.


              Any ideas or workarounds? Basically, please see if you have a way to generate keyframes every second for an AE animation. I guess I could write/edit a keyframe assistant or discard the extra frames in Excel, but that's going to eat too much time IMO. In any case, AE should be able to set a composition to 1 FPS, surely?