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    LR cannot launch Photoshop CS3

    lharvey91 Level 1

      My Lightroom 2.5 installation fails to edit images in CS3. It launches the CS3 application but the file does not appear, and LR reports that "The files could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CS3 could not be launched" - even though it was!


      If I run CS3 first rather than expect FR to launch it, then the same problem occurs. If I setup Photoshop as an External Editor, then CS3 is launched and the image is opened OK so CS3 seems to be able to accept being run by LR. Unfortunatelt I was hoping to use the option to use the "Merge To PAnorama In Photoshop" option provided in the default Edit in Photoshop menu, so the manual External Editor is no good to me.


      Anyone seen this before, or got any idea how to fix it?