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    Determine textblock height

    Werner v. Aswegen

      Hi people


      I'm hoping what I'm about to ask about is possible. ISearching around this forum didn't really bring up any answers so either it is so common and easy that it requires no explanation or else I'm out of luck.


      I need to know if it is possible to determine the height of a block of text. I have all the font style information such as kerning etc andI also know the width.


      For information: I am working on a smart client application that won't always be connected to the internet. The application will be used to place bookings for classified adverts. We have InDesign Server but I need a solution that would work in offline mode too. We need to know the hieght of the a block of text so that a quote can be calculated.


      As I said, it is for classified adverts, so it will consist of a single paragraph. We need to determine the hight of that paragraph.


      I know licensing issues will come into play here. I'm fine with that, but I need to know wheter this is possible (by building the code and seeing it work) so that I can present it to management as a possible solution.


      What I'm hoping for is that there is some way to include a DLL that will parse an InDesign script which will do the necessary calculations.