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    Go to In(Out) Point problem.


      Windows XP, Adobe Premiere 4.2


      1. Put any video on timeline.
      2. Set In Point (hotkey "I") and Out Point (hotkey "O") in any different places of the video.
      3. Zoom in work area until points goes out from screen.
      4. Activate Timeline window and press hotkeys "Q" or "W" (Go to In Point or Go to Out Point).
         As result, pointer goes to In or Out point, BUT WORK AREA STAY ON THE OLD PLACE.
         If hotheys "Q" or "W" pressed in Program Monitor window, work area centered on the new pointer position.


      Can you see the same?
      Is this a bug?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I see it as well.


          I consider it a bug myself.  I find it rather annoying that the timeline doesn't automatically "scroll" to show the CTI when it leaves the visible pane.

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            Igorek67_ Level 1

            Thank you. I hope the bug will be corrected in the future.

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              Highlight the Program Monitor (Shift+4).  Then press Q or W.  The timeline jumps to the CTI.



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                I have the same frustration when jumping to a marker, but pressing \\ will make the CTI visible without changing the zoom level.  The first \ displays the entire sequence; the second \ centers the CTI at the original zoom level.


                An unrelated tip:  If the CTI is already positioned on a Sequence Marker, Num* will open the dialog.  So, if you want to want to create a Sequence Marker and open the dialog box, press Num* Num* .  Doesn't work during playback (creates two markers).

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                  joe bloe premiere Level 5

                  After more than a month of frustrating conversations with Adobe Support, here is what they say

                  about this feature that was present in all previuos versions but does not work in CS4 (i.e. bug).


                  Thank you for replying , I am responding in reference to your web
                  request posted on 12/18/2009.
                  This is not a bug as it looks like. When timeline is selected and zoomed
                  to a particular area, it is focused on that part so that the user can
                  check details and if he jumps to out point that is not in the view at
                  that point of time, the playhead jumps to it, but time line does not
                  scroll to it as the system has focused the time line on the other part.
                  This has to manually moved because in the zoom mode it is assumed that
                  user is checking out that particular part and might be lost if the point
                  is jumped. This can look like a bug in small projects, however in big
                  projects, where workflow is very complicated; if the timeline focus
                  changes and it will be very difficult for user to locate the previous
                  locations again.
                  The shortcut is meant from the Program monitor to function with respect
                  to Timeline. Thats why when program monitor is selected the time line
                  jumps to points along with playheads as editing is being performed in
                  program monitor and not in timeline.
                  And if timeline is selected, the editing is being performed in timeline
                  and not in program monitor. Thus if accidently also, the shortcut is
                  pressed, the timeline will not move and all the work will not be lost in
                  large and huge projects.


                  Aparrently, it is for our own good... so we don't "get lost" on a long timeline.

                  Thanks, but no thanks.

                  I have filed a bug report on this.