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    IDS CS4: Java: Selection of PageItems?


      When using the Java Corba Interface this problem came around:


      I want to select several PageItems to use a method of the PageOperations on those, i.e. export().


      Unfortunately a selection as in Indesign Desktop does not exist in InDesign Server.


      It's not difficult to join some page items together in an array.

      It's just that you can not run an PageOperation on an array of PageItems, only on a single PageItem.


                  PageItem[] pageItemArray = myPage.getAllPageItems();

                  pageItemArray.export() doesn't work.



      One solution is to group the pageItems, but if I want to export this selection I have a group tag in the idml structure. Of course it's still valid idml, but it can ruin my xpath expressions ...



      I'd be glad about any suggestion!


      - Wolf