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    An option game

      I'm not sure of how to explain this, but basically options appear on screen after a short animation i played, then depending what option you choose, or if you press a button in time etc. it is either game over, or you move on to the next animation. I'll try to show you in a tree kind of thing :S

      Option 1 ---- DEATH
      Animation -- Press W in time ---- Animation
      Option 2 ---- Animation ----
      Fail to hit W --- Death

      If you dont understand please say and ill try to find an example of this, but the key thing required as piece of coding that when an if clause is satisfied a part of an animation is played, and if it isnt a game over screen is shown (perhaps created in action code or a new scene i have no idea) i am asking for this because i want to try to make a game from this, but at the moment i have absolutely no idea how to go about it, if someone could either explain or offer coding it would be greatly apprreciated, thanks in advance.