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    gotoAndStop not working when a sub movieclip property is altered.

    chrisatflash Level 1
      I got this problem, and i don't remember how to fix it. I do remember that in AS3.0 you can set the property of a movie clip to mouseChildren = false to get it working.

      This is wat is going on.

      Suppose you have an movieclip with an instance name : mymovie_mc
      And inside this movie clip you have 2 frames with also a movieclip with an instance name of sub_mc.
      To see the difference you can copy this sub_mc and copy it on the second frame with another color tint.

      Now in the main timeline you have this code:

      mymovie_mc.onRollOver= function() {

      mymovie_mc.onRollOut = function() {

      As you move your mouse over your movieclip the color change perfectly.. but now if you add
      this to your code (on top of your existing code)

      mymovie_mc.sub_mc._width = 200;

      Than you noticed that the timelime of your movieclip is not accesable anymore.

      Does anyone know a fix for this?