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    Organizer 8 terminates when downloading/importing MTS file


      I am in Organizer trying to download a video file (MTS) from a memory card. The file shows up for me to select when I do the File > Get Photos & Videos > From Camera or Card Reader. I select it and click done. Then I get the message "Files Successfully Copied" with the message that Organizer will now import the file into the catalog. It asks if I just want to see the catalog entries that were imported. I click Yes. I get a window saying "Getting Media". That window stays up for a few seconds then goes away along with the whole Organizer task.


      When I restart Organizer I get a dialog box saying Files Ready for Import. New files have been downloaded and will now be imported. It then asks again if I just want to see catalog entires that were just imported. I say Yes. Again it says Getting Media for a couple of seconds then Organizer again shuts down with no error message.


      In order to get out of this "loop" I have to go to the folder where the offending file was downloaded into and delete it. Then when Organizer restarts and tries to again import it, the file isn't there and Organizer displays that in an error message but continues running.


      I've reinstalled Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements 8. The file is playable on the camera and other MTS files created around the same time download/import with no problem.


      Any suggestions on how to get that MTS file into Organizer?