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    Gmail smtp server....with ADDT.. possible or not?

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1

      Hi there


      i desperation about not being able to set up my website server as an    smtp server to send emails from my website     using ADDT


      I am now trying to set up gmail as my smpt server     is that possible?     I keep getting errors      I think that I need ssl authentication?


      Has anyone had any luck using gmail as an smtp server? 


      Is this possible with gmail?


      Any help would be great

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          have you tried to set the smtp that comes from your ISP ?

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            mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1

            Hi there


            Thanks for your respose


            Yes I have tried to set up my smtp using the smtp mail function in my linux server running cpanel


            I have not been able to get it to work


            I have tried every possible combination of   settings in my   ADDT control panel email settings....     servername    username    and password      even tried using no username or password , (as described in some posts to enable PEAR mail, instead of php mail )   


            I CANNOT get it to work      


            I have successfully configured my isp to run with outlook exrpress , 100% working , no problem    I can send and recieve emails using the account I set up in my cpanel.......     but I cannot use ADDT to send emails........ I always get errors ,    usually 


            Error sending e-mail.
            E-mail couldn't be sent. Error returned: Failed to connect to mail.nameofmysite.com:25 [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Connection timed out (code: -1, response: )]. (EMAIL_FAILED)

            really driving me crazy

            So I chose to try to use gmail as my smtp server instead , But I can't get that to work either?

            Any help would be greatt

            Have a nice day
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              benblue Level 1

              this had this happen, and I believe the answer had something to do with using a gmail.com address twice (for example the TO; field, and maybe the from: Field, or, maybe the site's debugging address.)


              or, it was that I didn't have the From: Field correctly. it was some anomaly I cant recall exactly, but maybe that will help. try changing some of those fields to a different Internet mail, or another yoursite@yoursite.com address.




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                viktor.iwan Level 1

                i usually 'play' directly to ADDT configuration file located at:



                (for me) basically, if you able to send mail via mail() , than you just leave the email parameter with blank:

                $tNG_email_host = "";
                  $tNG_email_user = "";
                  $tNG_email_port = "";
                  $tNG_email_password = "";


                since it will use the mail setting you set in php.ini




                i also use smtp :

                  $tNG_email_host = "mail.xxxx.xxxxx";
                  $tNG_email_user = "";
                  $tNG_email_port = "25";
                  $tNG_email_password = "";


                Beware with the $tNG_email_defaultFrom as well as bad email formating could make your email reject by smtp server.

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                  viktor.iwan Level 1

                  just for addition, if the above setting fail, you might try to use phpmailer:



                  It easy to use an offer more flexibility and it's compatible with php 5.3.0..


                  basically send email is a trigger and you also can use phpmailer as AFTER trigger to behave the same as ADDT's send email trigger:


                  the form of custom send email trigger goes like this:

                  function Trigger_sendWelcomeEmail(&$tNG) {

                  $dxcemail=new PHPMailer();
                  $dxcemail->AddAddress($_POST['dxc_memberEmail'], $_POST['FirstName'].' '.$_POST['LastName']);  
                  $dxcemail->MsgHTML("YOUR Primary Key is ".$tNG->getPrimaryKeyValue());
                  if(!$dxcemail->Send()) {
                        $errObj = new tNG_error($dxcemail->ErrorInfo, "can\'t send email", "There\'s error bro!");
                              return $errObj;


                  Thanks to powerfull trigger concept... to bad adobe stop ADDT development

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                    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1

                    Hi there


                    Thanks sooo much for your help


                    I did what you said and ......... it nearly worked


                    I removed all the settings from the   conf.inc    file      as you suggested      and then    I tried to send      and I got no errors        but the email did not arrive .......


                    So I looked at your post again and it said  that if I removed all the settings it would use the settings I set up in the php.ini  file ........ this is where I got a bit lost.........


                    I have googled it..... and I have looked all throught my server..... I even created a page and ran a script to tell me the location of the php.ini file.... it worked      but I still cant find out where the php.ini    file is    and how to access it ....


                    COuld you please point me in the right direction .....?   tell me what I need to set up .... in the php.ini file?


                    I searched through these forums and found nothing to help about the php.ini file




                    After I tried that I tried your seccond sugestion of settings    and got the same errors as before ........



                    Funny you should mention      phpmailer ..... as it was the last stop on a three day web crawl to find an answer to my mailing problems ..... I will lookinto it asap ........


                    I have anready tried another program called   g-lock easymail ..... but or some reason I cant register (free version) it   


                    I really want to use the email user registration email verification feature of addt......     and I have had it working in the past ...... about two years ago .... so i am lost as to why it wont work now ........ really frustrating .......



                    Anyway       thanks again


                    If you have any other sugestions     please post them asap       I will try anything to get this working    hours tuning into days   now into weeks and still this is not working  


                    I will try to find some other script   to run to test my   sites     smtp    settings         a simple php mail form        not sure yet    will post when I get it all to work as well


                    If all else fails I will have to try the whole set up on a different computer with a fresh install and   on a different server   

                    but I hope it does not come to that    


                    Has to be a simple sollution



                    Cheers again

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                      viktor.iwan Level 1

                      the location of php.ini can be different depend on the method of your php installation. If manual installation, it could be on c:\php or c:\windows, if you use xampp it could be on c:\xampp\apache\conf, i use zend server ce, it's on Zend\ZendServer\etc.


                      The dirty way is to search through windows explorer "php.ini"


                      when you find your php.ini, try to find these parameter setting


                      [mail function]
                      ; For Win32 only.
                      smtp_port = 25


                      ; For Win32 only.
                      ;sendmail_from = me@example.com



                      Good luck.. hope it solve the problem

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                        mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1

                        H i


                        Thanks again for your help ........ but I am a bit confused.....


                        i am not running using local host ........ the site I am working on is hosted remotely     uses a hosting account   linux   with cpanel   


                        So ........   I am using xamp as my localhost (not for this site) but ....... how does changing the php.ini file in xamp help when sending an email from a form that is uploaded and residing on my remote server?


                        I found the php.ini file in my   xamp folder    and I did make the changes you said    I tested it and still no email in my inbox ........ 


                        I will try again...... and again .......



                        So..... am I on the right path?      Does changing the php.ini file in my xamp    affect the email settings for a form that is remotly hosted?


                        I am lost     yet again  


                        One step forward   three steps back ....... maybe five steps.....



                        Thanks again     really apreciate it  


                        Any other sugestions are welcomed ....



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                          Hey, if it´s not too late to have a response a year later, I was having the same issue this days....and the solution is absolutely easy and ridiculous...not code modifying, no nothing.....after many hours I found you should use  ssl://smtp.gmail.com instead of only smtp.gmail.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!