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    bitmap billboard

    Chemol Level 1

      Does anyone know what the typical (highway) billboard size is, and what is typical resolution needed for pixel based imagery?  I have heard anywhere from 75 ppi to 150 ppi - thoughts?



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          RenéG Level 3

          Don't know their size, but I heard the resolution was as low as 25 ppi.

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            Paul Cutler Level 1

            The average size is 48' x 14' and at full size they are usually around 20ppi. But rarely do you work full size, most of the time it's to what they call 1/4 scale, confusing, because what they mean is 1/4" = 1'. I would call that 1/48 scale. They always state the dimensions height first and then width so they call their standard size 14x48. Must be a holdover from the pre-PS days.


            The specs for large signage are all over the map so you need to get good information from the vendor before you start.



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              Chemol Level 1

              Wow.. That low eh?  I'll need to look into it with the output provider.


              Thank you!

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                Chemol Level 1

                Thank you Paul.  That's exactly the info I was looking for, very helpful before I tackle this project.  I was starting to freak out wondering how I would interpolate a photo that size  - I was thinking I would have to increase it to 150 ppi.  I'll verify once I find out who the client is going to use as a vendor ~ thanks so much!