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    InContext telling me that there are no editable regions


      Hi All


      Apologies for asking this question again if it has been posted by someone else already. It is 2.13am and my eyes are bleeding...




      I have set up a site using .dwt's.

      I have set up editable regions in the .dwt's

      I have inserted InCOntect editable regions in the resultant .html pages.

      InContext tells me that I haven't when I try to edit through Firefox 3.


      PLease find below the code that relates to the issue. Happy to post full source if required,


      <div id="mainContent">
          <table width="100%" border="0">
              <td width="83%" height="146" valign="top"><!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="MainContent" -->
                  <h2 class="BoldBlueText">Welcome to  the future of  events - make BS8901 work for you          </h2>
                  <p><em class="BoldGreenText">Upcoming events:</em> See our latest programmes  and training by <strong><a href="Latest.html">clicking here</a></strong></p>
                  <hr />
        <br />
         <div ice:editable="bold,italic,underline,align_justify,align_right,align_center,align_left,fon t_face,font_size,indent,outdent,ordered_list,unordered_list,background_color,font_color,me dia,hyperlink,paragraph_styles">
        <p><strong>The  Sustainable Events Group (SEG)</strong> specialises in helping the public  and private sector design, develop and implement sustainable event management  systems to meet the requirements of the <strong>updated and completely revised</strong> standard <strong>BS 8901:2009</strong>.
          We  work with event clients, organisers, venues and event suppliers of  all types and sizes. Sustainable  event management means engaging meaningfully with social, environmental and  economic impacts of the events that you design, deliver or simply cause to happen. </p>




      The site works fine otherwise, just can't get ICE to recognise and allow editable regions.