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    CS4 lose compound shape when outlining text


      I'm on CS4 on a PC - when I outline a group of text containing a compound shape, the compound shape "goes away". It's as if the create outlines command expands the compound shape - anyone else experiencing the same problem?  If so how can I fix it? Thanks!

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          markerline Level 4

          Hi NukLady:  I want to understand you correctly.  I tried repeating what you stated, starting with the Text Tool and typing "artistic" text (as opposed to paragraph text, which is a term borrowed from CorelDraw).  The text contains an "a" and two "e" 's and a "p" which are all compound shapes.  But editable Text does not yet have compound shapes in my scenario.  I find that the "Create Outlines" command creates compound shapes for each letter and places them in a Group.