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    Audio issues when editing video clips

    AANNBBAA Level 1

      Sorry if this been asked before and I’m having trouble looking for the answers on my own. I will start by saying that I have the latest built of Premiere and that’s CS4.2


      I’m trying to edit 720 60p clips natively from my Panasonic GH1 camcorder and I have it set to interpret footage to 29.97 for slow motion. Its edits very well but sometimes when I use the razor tool to split a file, the second part of that clip will no longer play the audio.  I even noticed a clip that had the audio missing half way when I didn’t even use the razor tool. Another time it was several clips in a row that was missing the audio.


      This isn’t the first time. I was trying to edits clips on standard speed and I noticed that one of the clips couldn’t play the audio. I ended up saving everything and restart Premiere and luckily the audio was their. This time, with the slow motion clips, restarting Premiere is no help at all. I could start over on a fresh time line but I want to see if theirs any other solutions first.


      I hope I was clear enough.