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    About delegates and responders in Cairngorm

    Shivik Level 1

      Hello all


      I am stuck in the implementation of Cairngorm micro-architecture in my website.


      I have to trigger an event which has to populate various combo-boxes on a page. Like countries, departments, locations etc. Now I have created a service which has various methods which return these lists like getCountries(), getDepartments(), getLocations etc.


      If I implement this is in Cairngorm,


      • I will have an event may be like LoadPageEvent
      • LoadPageEvent is mapped to LoadPageCommand


      Now I know that I will create a separate responder for every method like GetCountriesResponder, GetDepartmentsResponder, GetLocationsResponder.


      Bu what about delegates? Should I create a separate delegate for every method of service? or 1 delegate per service?


      Please guide me appropriately


      With best regards