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    Audio Mixing using submixes- how do I balance two sources?

    xleggs Level 1

      My big project is an interview series where we shoot hundreds of interviews each about an hour long. We have many uses for this material, however, their first incarnation is each is turned into a largely "uncut" standalone show with an open, intro and close.


      We record single camera- two mics- split to two channels.


      I want my finished product to be mixed audio. As I have hundreds of hours of these, I'd rather not chase the mix- keyframe the whole thing- even in fast forward- which I have tried- this takes a lot of time. I'm in search of the most elegant- simple solution.


      At first, I copied the audio track, did fill left and fill right, but I don;t like having the extra tracks floating around.


      Then, I extracted the tracks to mono which also seemed to take another whole step- a big workaround that I described in a prior post.




      When I edit, I send the interview channel to a mono submix channel. When I do this, the PAN control disappears on the stereo interview channel. I had hoped that this "knob" would stay there and act as a balance between the two channels which often have some disparity in level.


      I add a compressor which balances the signals fairly well, but reduces the overall quality if it has to work too hard- that is, if there's a wide difference in the levels.


      Can anyone think of a better way? I'd like to be able to set a general evel between Left and Right on the interview, then let the compresser take over.


      Its a huge advantage that I can duplicate a sequence when I'm finished and just move to the next one with my audio routed and effects in place