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    AIR - UNRESTRICTED System Access


      First, sorry for shouting "UNRESTRICTED" at you but with it I do wish to stress the alarmistic nature of all of those WARNING messages that come at an installer of AIR applications. This is MOST UNFORTUNATE (: ok, ok, I will tone down :) because it is not even true in lot of the cases that I have been downloading, installing and trying out today.

      In each and every case so far, none of them go even as far as writing nor even reading from my disk. So, those warning messages are indeed too extreme for at least half a dozen cases that I have been trying out. Now, instead of just complaining ;) perhaps I could make a suggestion or rather at least ask if it would not be possible to have at least 3 different messages for these 3 different cases:

      (1) SAFE (in green): This application does not read nor write to your disk - period, full stop

      (2) NOTE (in yellow): Reading or Writing to your disk is done through the operating system Open/Save dialogues, through which you (the user) are in full control - period, full stop

      (3) WARNING: Do not install this application if you do not 100% trust the source because the application reads and/or writes to your disk without prompting you through Open/Save dialogues - !, ! !

      Now, how difficult would it be for the compilers to figure out which of the above 3 categories any one application falls into ?!?

      From all past indications of how Windows desktop software has been installed, I bet the the SILVERLIGHT gang will not end up making that kind of NEEDLESS self defeating blunder. I am sorry for saying this but it's true and the sooner that you agree and change the messages accordingly the better it will end up being for all of us.