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    Premiere and CS4 Poll

    Terrachild Level 1

      Is it just me, or does it seem like the entire CS4 suite is filled with little bugs and glitches?

      Don't get me wrong, it's very usable, but I keep coming across things that work fine, then don't, then work fine again.

      Usually this takes closing the program and restarting it.


      If enough of us agree, then I think we should send a message to Adobe to stop releasing new versions until they get CS4 thoroughly debugged!


      A program this expensive shouldn't be so buggy in my opinion.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          This, in combination with your other thread about the titler suggests that your installation is corrupt. In the worst case you may need to wipe your disk and install everything fresh, if you are lucky, a repair install may be all that is needed.


          In my experience there are a number of reasons for queer, irky, nasty, cumbersome errors and glitches:


          1. Operator error

          2. Lacking hardware

          3. Polluted system

          4. Crappy source material

          5. Drivers out of date

          6. Lack of knowledge and experience


          This is of course an inconvenient truth as Al Gore said, but there are many users without any problems at all. Sure, there are some problems that require a workaround or alternate workflow than expected, but in the bulk of the cases where users like you think that their problems are caused by the program, it nearly always (99+% of the cases) is one of the above mentioned reasons.

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            Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

            Harm pretty much nailed it. We just built two new systems in our office. They are rock solid and FAST!!!  Here are the specs:



            Our previous systems were based on the Q6600 processor. One system had XP and the other Vista. Our Ram was barely to Adobe's recommended spec. We had all sorts of problems and glitches with our old systems running CS4, but we got by and didn't miss any deadlines.


            My personal opinion is, Adobe software engineers designed CS4 to run optimally on Intel technology's which didn't catch up with their software until the release of the i7 processor. CS4 also needs lots of Ram to run well.


            Here is an article on the Intel SSE 4 instruction set.  Pay particular attention to the video editing benefits:



            This instruction set (SSE 4) is now at version 4.2 in the i7 processors. SSE 4.2 improves processing of XML. Premiere Pro project files are basically XML files. I have found that huge Premiere project files load quicker. Here is an article on SSE 4.2:



            We have also seen a huge benefit in switching to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Great operating system.


            Get some modern, quality hardware and make your life easier.


            It's also time to ditch XP and Vista.

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              Terrachild Level 1

              I'm using an i7 processor, with 12 gigs of ram, oodles (terrabytes) of disk space, with an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX video card.

              Hardware shouldn't be a problem.  


              I am using Vista 64-bit fot the OS.  I'll switch to Windows 7 64-bit and see if things work better.

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                Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



                I think Windows 7 is a much better operating system than Vista. You should do a clean install rather than an upgrade.


                BTW, What motherboard do you have?  What is your system drive?

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                  PaulieDC Level 2

                  Harm, Terrachild is on to something, not necessarily the major stuff like you mentioned (which is totally valid). I just popped on here because of one of those quirks, this one with Photoshop, but since this stuff is all wired together, anything goes. Terrachild, I've been using Production Premium CS4 for over a year now, and since July on my i7/12GB/GTX260/Win7 64-bit, and it's all been fine. Tonight I get the Premiere 4.2.1 patch, and all of a sudden, magically, Photoshop will NOT recognize my installed printers. I tried 64-bit, 32-bit, rebooting, reinstalling my printer (a standard Epson R380 that has worked consistently), and to no avail. Illustrator sees the printer, but not Photoshop, even though it has printed fine until tonight's "unrelated" Premiere patch. What is up with that? I have 16 Microsoft certifications spanning 9 years, I know what's going on under the hood Windows-wise. This, folks, is a new bug... no, wait, a feature! Yeah, that's it!



                  Don't even THINK about telling me to go to the Photoshop forum, this started right after the Premiere patch. This is the one problem with integrated suites, but it happens, and we get through it. I'll submit a report to Adobe. Oy.

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                    PaulieDC Level 2

                    In fact, if anyone on here has the suite, could you try Photoshop and see if you get the same problem? I'm not ruling out a problem in my world, but I've changed nothing, so I'm stumped.


                    Much appreciated!

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                      PaulieDC Level 2

                      To Adobe's defense, the 8th was Patch Tuesday for Microsoft, so maybe something in the 9 updates they pushed out has caused a burp. The painful way to figure that out is to reverse each patch from the 8th and see if it restores printer recognition. If anyone has the same issue, please let me know. Thanks.

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                        RDA972 Level 3

                        I, too, have updated to PPro 4.2.1 and Photoshop still sees both my Canon printers.

                        So let Premiere 4.2.1 off the hook.

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                          PaulieDC Level 2

                          LOL! Well, whatever it was, I completely uninstalled the print driver and reinstalled it fresh, and that worked. I'm stumped but happy. Just reinstalling the driver or printer did NOT work, I had to go to Control panel --> Programs and Features and yank it out that-a-way. The latest Epson driver is the Vista 64-bit from December 2006, but it works with Windows 7 (of course, the driver engine hasn't changed for 7, there's just simply been enough time for people to WRITE the drivers!).


                          OK, maybe I blew my stack and leaped on the Premiere update prematurely, but there seemed like no other possibility.And regardless of all of the stupid marketing slogans out there, software doesn't "evolve", it's written by idiots like me who do this stuff for a living. Bugs happen, that's life... sometimes I'm amazed all this stuff even works at all! lol!


                          FYI, here's the Adobe TechNote for the issue: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/409/kb409119.html


                          Check out #1. DUH. The printer dialog didn't OPEN  for pete's sake!   But #4 & 5 sent me in the right direction.

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                            RDA972 Level 3

                            I'm glad you got it sorted out.


                            "OK, maybe I blew my stack and leaped on the Premiere update prematurely"


                            Moral of the story : look before you leap.

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                              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



                              We have the same printer at work (Epson R380) connected to a computer that has Vista on it. We access the printer with our Windows 7 machines through the network.  I will definitely check this Monday. This printer has had random issues in the past when everything was on XP and Vista. My favorite is when you first turn the printer on in the morning and want to print a DVD. You first have to set the lever to the paper print mode, let it go through its cycle which takes forever, then switch the lever to print CD/DVD.


                              We have had issues in the past with this printer where everything looked fine but it simply refused to print anything. We had to restart everything and delete print jobs. After that, the printer worked. The previous Epson model we had for printing CD/DVDs had a maddening defect in the CD/DVD printer tray design.