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    TFL Support...

    James - DevelopmentArc

      I am really excited about this library and I am curious when TLF support will be available.  Soon... not soon?  We are working on some interesting things but its all TFL or Flex 4 based.  We can build our own interface, but that seem excessive if this is on the horizon.



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          Noela N

          TLF is absolutely in the horizon.  It is indeed one of our top priorities.  I cannot share the exact dates however.  Can you tell me your Must Have by date?

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            beimon Level 1

            Hi James,


            Thanks for your positive feedback.  Yes, this is a high priority, but to set realistic expectations, we will not be coming out with an update for this anytime super soon.  We will definitely address it before the production release of Flex 4 TLF.  Most likely it would be late fall or early winter.


            Hope this helps,


            - Bruce, Adobe Product Management

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              Last ActionScript Hero

              It would be great if someone from Adobe can let know when a TLF compatible version of Squiggly is planned for release. We are working on a large AIR application which extensively uses TLF for which we are in need of Spell Checking functionality. If it helps, the planned release date for the application which we are working on is mid December.

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                Noela N Level 1

                Unfortunatley, we don't have a firm date on Squiggly Support for TLF.  We are working on TLF support along with other features but at this point all I can say is that the December timeframe is unlikely for us.  We are expecting to be able to deliver it in the first quarter of next year.

                Thanks for your patience,


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                  Last ActionScript Hero Level 1

                  Thanks for the prompt response Noela. We have already started writing wrappers which uses Sqiggly API's and would enable spell checking within our AIR application. Look forward to the official support soon !

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                    tinylion_uk Level 2

                    " Thanks for the prompt response Noela. We have already started writing wrappers which uses Sqiggly API's and would enable spell checking within our AIR application. Look forward to the official support soon ! "



                    We're just about to start doing the same thing. Any pointers for us before we start (i know this is a big ask but thought it worth a try)


                    Bear in mind we've not even started looking yet, is planned for this week. All ouu components at the moment use TFL








                    tinylion development & design

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                      Last ActionScript Hero Level 1



                      At the moment we are taking this (http://lafabrick.com/labz/pageLayout/squiggly/) route; but with two improvements:


                      1) Using underline (preferrable dotted) to mark the misspelled words.

                      2) To use the context menu for word suggestions instead of having a seperate panel.


                      Note that the example there doesn't compile directly due to changes in the SDK but you should be able to get that working with a few minor API tweaks.


                      I will report back once we are successful porting it.




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                        tinylion_uk Level 2

                        Thanks, i'll go take a look


                        nice one








                        tinylion development & design

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                          Daniel Freeman

                          I'm waiting with anticipation for TLF support in Squiggly - I just wanted to register my interest here.


                          KP, great work.  It looks like you may come up with a solution before Adobe does.  Does your algorithm work well for large documents?  (Only need to check parts of the textflow that have been changed since the the document was last checked.)



                          I'm developing a Flash (AIR) based word-processor/publishing application.


                          The first public prototype (warts-n-all) is here...




                          A video introduction can be found here...



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                            Noela N Level 1

                            Daniel, Thanks for your input.  We (Adobe) will be releasing a new drop of Squiggly on Labs before end of year with TLF support through Spark components. 

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                              beimon Level 1

                              Just to reinforce a ponit made by Noela.


                              The TLF support we will be releaseing in the upcoming release is for Flex 4 Spark components, which are based on TLF.  It will not include direct support for TLF outside of Flex 4.




                              - Bruce, Adobe

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                                Daniel Freeman Level 1

                                That's not ideal for a Pure Actionscript development.  In fact I find it hard to imagine doing anything very special with the TLF using Flex components and framework.  But then, I've never been a fan of Flex (despite it being my job).


                                In that case, I'll probably end up writing something myself along the lines of what KP described.

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                                  Noela N Level 1


                                  We do understand the need for pure TLF support and it is in our roadmap but we believe that support for Flex and in particular Spark components is of higher priority.  That does not mean pure TLF support is not crucial also and we will be working on it in the near future.  We would also be interested in hearing about your views on Flex.


                                  Noela - Adobe

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                                    Last ActionScript Hero Level 1

                                    @Noela @Bruce: Thanks for the update and it's good to know that Squiggly support for Spark components is on the cards.


                                    I understand that including support for Squiggly in Spark components might be the most strategic direction from a product standpoint and I am glad that there is plan to include pure AS support in the near future. Having said that, Daniel has a point here, having dealt with TLF in quite some depth I can say for sure that pure ActionScript support is what would be much needed. The components themselves may restrict users from creating complex applications using TLF and one would eventually prefer using a pure ActionScript approach to gain maximum control over the application.


                                    @Daniel: I had a look at e2publish and it looks quite promising. I specifically liked the way you dealt with inline images. Good job overall.


                                    And for updates from my side, I managed to hack into this and now I have the Squiggly underline, the right click context menu suggestions and the real time spell checking working much like how the Grant Skinner's and Adobe's Squiggly works. Had to go through a lot of pain to get this working but yeah it works like a charm. There are still minor glitches like the current sentence's squiggly going off when an edit is made (and recovered when a new word is typed) and the need to click on a word before it is right clicked to get the suggestions but then this was good enough for our client. It's completely done in ActionScript and it uses some code from the Adobe's Squiggly examples by itself.


                                    As far as the speed goes, I would say it is pretty descent and may be takes approximately 1 sec per page. Since we are on an NDA I am not able to showcase the application in public but you can see a screenshot of the squiggly and right click working in TLF here. I will try and do a blog post on our site with some pointers when I am little free.


                                    - KP


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                                      Noela N Level 1

                                      Thanks for your thorough feedback.  We understand the need for TLF support and will take this on with high priority.  We are working with the TLF team

                                      to discuss the integration.



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                                        beimon Level 1

                                        Good work KP!


                                        Happy to see peole take this further!


                                        - Bruce

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                                          Last ActionScript Hero Level 1

                                          Thanks Bruce ! You guys have done a fabulous job with Squiggly. Many of us couldn't afford buying the commercial version of these libraries at the kind of price tags they came with.


                                          - KP


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                                            beimon Level 1

                                            Just want to let people know that we have added native TLF support in Squiggly 0.5.  Please give it a try and let us know if it meets your needs.


                                            - Bruce, Adobe