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      • 120. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
        edtechweb Level 1

        Thanks for the extra info. I installed FH on an iMac running OS 10.2, put

        the volume licence registration file in Library>Preferences>Macromedia and

        launched FH.


        I quit FH and copied the registration file and placed it in the same folder

        on my MacBook Pro running 10.6, launched FH and it worked.



        • 121. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
          stenphen Level 1

          UH oh... just added the latest security upgrade for 10.6, and now cannot open any Freehand MX files -- instead the app crashes... no matter what/which file I attempt to open. I restarted, cleared pRAM, attempted to open a test file -- nothing worked.


          Anyone else running into this issue? It's as if the "fix" Adobe put out there is yet again incompatible with the latest patch/upgrade from Apple.




          Steve C.

          • 122. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
            Judy_Arndt Level 3



            It would be a good idea to start a new discussion when you have a specific new issue. I've stopped reading these long threads -- too time consuming to navigate.


            I'm running FHMX under Mac OS 10.6.2 with the latest security updates. My files open without problems.


            You don't mention if you used Disk Utility to repair disk permissions.

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              edtechweb Level 1

              I had the same problem. My solution was to restart in safe mode (Hold the

              Shift key down) log in and then restart as normal and FH worked again.

              • 124. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
                stenphen Level 1



                you shall now be called "insta-fix" instead.... !


                Thanks - that worked spiffily. I consider myself a rather savvy Mac user, but would have never considered that as a 'fix'. What was your inspiration or guidance on that? I find it ludicrous that Adobe would make paying customers seek their own work-arounds so often on this particular product (discontinued though it be), but am glad to see there are so many people willing to lend a hand and offer a fix in their stead.


                Thanks again.

                • 125. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?

                  This is what I did to fix FH to run on Snow Leopard after reading all post.


                  1. restart computer

                  2. holding down "Shift" until you see Apple logo - take a bit of time.

                  3. open FH. it should work.

                  4. restart computer again.


                  hope this help.



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                    edtechweb Level 1

                    I've found from past experience that whenever I do an installation there is

                    the potential for system problems to arise. Starting in safe mode forces the

                    system to do some housekeeping, hence the longer start up time. This forced

                    clean up frequently resolves these kinds of post installation problems. Just

                    a strategy I find is worth a try in such circumstances.

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                      ktmedien Level 1

                      I had no Problems with the 10.6.2 Update.

                      Freehand is working fine!


                      I did the update (like all my system-updates) in safe-mode!


                      It's a safer way to do those updates!

                      • 128. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
                        stenphen Level 1

                        I did not do my update to 10.6.2 in Safe Mode first... now starting up in Safe Mode allows me to open Freehand MXa files (sans fonts) just fine, but now when I restart in normal mode the files won't open and remain open.... Freehand itself will open, but no file will remain open without the attached error window. Any suggestions?

                        • 129. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
                          edtechweb Level 1

                          You could try resetting the parameter RAM by holding down the

                          Command-Option-P-R keys on start up until you hear the start up chime the

                          second time either that or try starting up in safe mode a second time if you

                          haven't already.

                          • 130. Re: Thanks Judy Arndt!!!!!!

                            I've been having the same problems with Leopard 10.5.8 Build  9L31a and Freehand 10. (After wrestling with Snow Leopard for weeks of futile Apple Care trouble shooting and an incident file thicker than a phone book they sent me a free copy of LEOPARD and I reverted back to that system.)


                            None of their "solutions" worked. Leopard corrected the random crashing in Snow Leopard (especially the frustrating "crash on SAVE' bug) to be replaced with crashing when trying to print.






                            Judy_Arndt's suggestion—



                            "When you printed from FH, had you selected the target printer in the FH file's Page Setup?"





                            The solution to my CRASH ON PRINT COMMAND bug seems to be to SELECT "ANY PRINTER" OR to select the printer I'm using in PAGE SETUP.


                            I don't know if this has to be repeated in every session with Freehand, but it now prints without crashing— hurray! Such a simple fix seems strange for all of the bad behavior seen.


                            Thanks Judy Arndt!!!!!!


                            I don't know if this works in Snow Leopard and after the endless problems with 32 bit programs I'm not going to find out. The only reason I went to Snow Leopard was to use the Final Cut Pro 7 studio and the Leopard version was no longer available.




                            Just for the record, I'd still be using TIGER if it wasn't for the Final Cut upgrade. I had more problems with Snow Leopard and Leopard in one week than I had with Tiger in 5 years!

                            • 131. Re: Braindead Thinking at Adobe!
                              billiardman Level 1




                              Like Elvis, I (and I suppose many others in the Freehand users community) would like some further information on what Adobe's plans are. We need some answers -- some of us depend on Freehand for the bulk of our livelihoods -- a few "long-term planning" details would be most welcomed from Adobe.  stenphen


                              I do some illustrating for the magazine articles and the books I write. Nothing really fancy, but I am obligated to use Adobe Photoshop  and some other Adobe programs. Nevertheless, Freehand is the critical ingredient, not Illustrator.


                              I first became dismayed with Adobe when using  PHOTOSHOP 4.0 years ago. I immediately noticed how arcane and hard to use the PS controls are. Unlike Freehand everything seems to require two or three moves to get something done, if you can find the right menu. I can make a complete FH document before I figure out how to do it in PS or Illustrator.


                              There can be no doubt that Adobe bought Macromedia to stifle competition that was beating their confusing programs into the ground.


                              They offer no easily found help for FH because they want to kill it. But even a 5 year old version of FH still beats them.


                              They display what I call a PC mentality. Just look at the control lay out for Adobe Media Player if you have it. Any doubts of their anti-MAC viewpoint should be clear from the dismal format they chose. Drag and drop is an alien language at Adobe!


                              When Adobe took over Macromedia, they should have hired the thinkers too and put them in charge of ALL Adobe program development. Since they now OWN Macromedia there should be no problem using the elegantly simple menus etc Freehand has.

                              • 132. Re: Braindead Thinking at Adobe!
                                thumahawk Level 1

                                We all know letting Freehand die was the wrong decision from the view of any vector graphic designer. It means that the "market" does not work right, because theoretically it should provide what the customers need most, so the better, easier product should win. This was not the case here simply because Adobe cheated. We do not know why Adobe was able to make that deal with Macromedia in 2005, while back in 1995 there was a court rule that prohibited the exact same deal between Adobe and Aldus.


                                We want to remember all of you who still do not know about us: We have started a community to fight for FreeHand and we have more then 3000 members now, growing daily. So come and join us:





                                Thü Hürlimann

                                • 133. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
                                  graphik@mengler-co.de Level 1

                                  Please look here in the forum, there you will find the volume license number to start 11.02 under SL. Freehand is still alive.

                                  • 134. dele duplicate post
                                    billiardman Level 1

                                    Dele duplicate post

                                    • 135. Safe Mode / PRAM only temporary fixes for me
                                      stenphen Level 1



                                      Very good point -- resetting PRAM worked . . . but only temporarily.


                                      I can get access to Freehand files, but only for the current startup session -- if I restart the computer normally later on, all that happens is the error crash dialog window -- it's as if I have to start in Safe Mode as well as zap PRAM every time I restart the computer (!?). What a frickin' pain in the rear.


                                      Adobe, you're amazing to me. . . smug, distant, apathetic to a small user group disatisfaction over your disinterest in a product you wish would disappear so you can hawk your overpriced, underwhelming 'competitor' software package. Disgusting. . . Adobe absorbed the Macromedia name alone -- none of the simple, intuitive service & support of this more nimble, in-touch competitor transferred in the deal apparently. The "same ol'-same ol' ": toe the corporate song and dance mantra and continue to plug code-bloat bricks like Illustrator. Fantastic.


                                      Adobe, please get your act together and make Freehand work properly on its own instead of making your paying customers such as myself try to figure out how to keep our purchases limping along. . . I paid $300 to Adobe for Freehand shortly after it was taken on by Adobe, incorrectly ***-u-me-ing they would further the product line from Macromedia, not kill it off (before the rumor began circulating that Illustrator was to take its place). I again incorrectly assumed that Adobe would have to foresight to not kill the superior software in favor of their own, but that they would hopefully simply relabel Freehand as Illustrator and scrap the inferior stuff. But no -- code bloat commenced . . . and continues.


                                      If anyone has the similar problem of proposed fixes being only a temporary solution, I welcome any other tips or suggestions you might have, so that I can leave Freehand up and running and get it back to working order everytime I restart my computer without having to jump through hoops.


                                      Much appreciated.

                                      • 136. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
                                        stenphen Level 1

                                        graphik@mengler-co.de: Please look here in the forum, there you will find the volume license number to start 11.02 under SL. Freehand is still alive.





                                        I realize it is alive and running for most, and with the release of Snow Leopard a couple months ago, I got Freehand running well via this method... but now, with the recent update of Snow Leopard by Apple to 10.6.2, some of us are experiencing a new round crashes not fixed by original method.


                                        We're fed up with Adobe's perpetual lack of interest in their paying customers, and their unwillingness to render older applications the patches and upgrades to continue working properly.


                                        • 137. Re: Is Freehand MX11.02 10.6 Snow Leopard compatible?
                                          Dan at Power

                                          > We have now released an official solution you can

                                          > access here:http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/504/cpsid_50468.html

                                          Thanks so much for making this available, Davide. While I made the switch to Illustrator when CS2 was released, I still have a ton of files in Freehand, and it's very useful to be able to open them with a still-working Freehand. And while Illustrator works fine for me, some things that were very easy to do in Freehand are a hassle in Illustrator. And even though I'm used to Illustrator by now, I still find its interface clunky compared with the elegance and simplicity of Freehands interface. Such is life.

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