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    Poor performance and out of date


      I'm sorry to have to say this, having been a big fan of Robohelp in the past, but Robohelp 8 is like something out of the dark ages. I last used it 2003 and it doesn't seem to have been updated since then.

      These are the problems I've encountered so far:

      1. Compared with general authoring and editing in Dreamweaver it is slow and cumbersome.

      2. The CSS is very difficult to edit and still uses point sizes for fonts (no 'em' option appears on menus). The potential of CSS doesn't seem to be understood by the Robohelp people

      3. The glossary hotspot doesn't find all glossary entries even though the text on the page is EXACTLY the same as the glossary entry. This means that the feature unuseable as I can't see any way of adding them by hand.

      4. There is no help as far as I can see on using CSS styles for Mini TOC

      5. The help generally is the type that states the obvious and describes what's on the screen but doesn't give indepth information.


      I'm in a bit of fix here as I recommended this product and it's really not up to job.

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          Dreamweaver creates HTML that is at once source and output. A HAT such as RoboHelp processes source code to generate and publish targeted output for multiple layouts, online and print. It might use points instead of ems, but that's a decision based on these business variables.


          If you double click the minitoc placeholder, you're presented with this dialog for styling it.



          I've always used a separate Glossary topic, accessible from a toolbar button and from the TOC, instead of the default built-in utility, but that's just me.


          If you have any other questions on specific issues that you can't resolve, feel free to post here again.



          Good luck,