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    CF9 licensing question

    John Sieber

      I currently have a CF7 production server and I want to build a new server and upgrade to CF9. My question is if I can setup the new server and test my site using the trial version of CF9. When I'm ready to make the new version live will I be able to insert my new license key and I assume my old cf7 key to make the upgrade valid onto the new server?Is this the recommened procedure for upgrading to a new version of CF and moving to a new server at the same time?


      I'm also understand that the CF9 license allows it to be loaded onto another server for use in redundancy. I would not have the old server running in production but waiting ready in case the production server goes off line for any reason. Is this within the limits of the license?


      Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Ken Ford - ACP-QFo4AB Level 3



          4.1.1 License. Licensee may (a) install the Evaluation Software on Computers within Licensee’s Internal
          Network and (b) permit only Authorized Users to use the Evaluation Software (and electronic document,
          content and other materials generated by or processed with the Evaluation Software) within Licensee’s
          Internal Network for the sole purpose of determining whether to purchase a license to the Software and not
          for any revenue generation, commercial activity or other productive business purpose. Licensee is not
          permitted to use the Evaluation Software (including its output) directly or indirectly with any Production
          Software or Development Software (or the output from such software).


          2.3 Backup and Disaster Recovery. Licensee may make and install a reasonable number of copies of the
          Software for backup and archival purposes and use such copies solely in the event that the primary copy
          has failed or is destroyed, but in no event may Licensee use such copies concurrently with Production
          Software or Development Software. Licensee may also install copies of the Software in a Disaster
          Recovery Environment for use solely in disaster recovery and not for production, development, evaluation
          or testing purposes other than to ensure that the Software is capable of replacing the primary usage of the
          Software in case of a disaster.

          Ken Ford

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