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    CS4 - Is there a way to adjust gamma for second monitor or send to overlay?


      One thing that is evident when I edit in Premiere CS4 using the AVCHD 1080i 60 template is that the preview in the second monitor, which in my case is my TV set connected using a DVI to HDMI cable, is that the output is too dark compared to what it should be. Darker areas of the frame sometimes even get crushed into black when the same footage, when played directly from the camcorder, or even burned to blu-ray and played, is noticeably brighter and at the right black levels.


      This doesn't happen when editing in Vegas Pro 8, or when the untouched footage is played through other video player, including Windows 7 Media Center.


      A workaround for this problem can be to go to the graphics card control panel, in my case ATI Catalyst, and adjust the gamma for the second monitor, with the problem being that when you're done editing in Premiere you have to go back to the normal gamma. At one point I had setup two profiles in Catalyst with shortcuts and it worked well, but one day Catalyst simply lost the profiles and noticing how buggy it was I wasn't going to keep creating profiles so that Catalyst would delete them.


      So my question is, since it's not in the preferences, is there some settings file or registry address that I can tweak to make Premiere display a brighter gamma of my choice?


      And this may be a dead end, but is there a way to send the output of the second monitor to the overlay so that it can take advantage of the graphic's card video capabilities and display video smoothly? It's nice to have a preview of the timeline, but it's rather annoying if I have to go to the Catalyst control panel and adjust gamma before editing and after editing and that motion is jerky and not interlaced when I'm editing interlaced content.