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    Fade In object disappears?




      Newbie here... When I transition an object from state 1 to state 2 in the timeline, everything works fine until the fade in is complete, then the object disappears.  How do I get the object to remain visible after the fade in is complete?



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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Use opacity instead of visibility.


          For example, if want a button to fade from "Page1" to "Page2", but still want it to be visible, here is what I would do:

          1. create a button

          2. duplicate state

          3. set the opacity of the button in "Page2" to zero

          A fade effect will now appear in the "Page1 > Page2" transition.

          4. In the Timeline, click "Smooth Transition" to give the Fade effect a duration


          Now when the user is in state 2 the button is visibile (so it can still be clicked), but it has faded out.