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    Transparency of graphics in PrintJob


      Am I missing some crucial documentation or switch that causes elements that are rendered with transparency intact on a screen, but when the sprite is then sent to a PrintJob, those elements are rendered completely opaque.


      For instance, if I have two overlaping ellipses

          beginFill(0x6b7ad1, .5);
           drawEllipse(0, 70, 440, 400);

           beginFill(0xb29ed1, .5);
           drawEllipse(220, 70, 440, 400);



      There of course is no blended region, the second fill is entirely opaque.



      I've messed with the Print As Bitmap stuffies to no avail.


      While on that subject, a PNG included in that printjob looks like garbage, even if there is no alpha/transparency.