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    Flex build errors and warnings not in English but in Dutch


      Hello Flash Builders,


      I'm using Flash Builder 4 beta and both Flex SDK 3.4 and 4.0 beta 2. The problem I have is pretty annoying. Many error and warning descriptions, which you see in the "Problems" pane in Flash Builder, are in Dutch. Why? I do not know. I never told it to and I can't find anywhere in the settings an option to change it. I did not download the Flex SDK in Dutch, if that's even possible. Unless they forced me to, because they found out I live in Holland I think I would like Dutch compile error descriptions.


      Though I am Dutch, most of the time the Dutch descriptions are fare more difficult to understand than the English versions. And looking up an error when you don't know what it means is also pointless, cause the most common language on the net is ofcourse English and not Dutch.


      Someone knows how to change the language of the compiler error and warning descriptions?


      Any help would be great!


      Many thanks.