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    How can I find which CS4 serial number was used to install Photoshop?

    dmimanager Level 1


      I work for a training center. Before I arrived, the previous manager purchased four serial numbers. One license/serial number was purchased from a non-profit reseller independently and eight volume licenses were purchased (one serial number for Mac, one for PC). I'm trying to find out which licenses have been used and on which computers. I've been trying to locate the serial numbers in the software, but the serial numbers for the individual applications do not correspond to any of the Creative Suite serial numbers I have. For example, the Creative Suite 4 serial numbers begin with a '1' and are twenty-four digits. The serial numbers in Photoshop's Help > System Info menu begin with a '9' and are twenty digits long. None of the numbers correspond. Can anyone help me find which CS4 serial numbers have been used so I can determine how many volume licenses are remaining? Thank you!