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    AE CS4, Kona 3 and Half Res RAM Preview.


      I am having a very annoying problem trying to RAM preview in AE CS4  at half res/50% and below.
      My system configuration is
      MacPro 2008, 16GB RAM, 8800GT.
      I am running AE 9.02 on 10.5.7 and am not using the AJA CS4  utilities as they create some problems on my workstation,  AJA Kona3  driver v7.1

      I am outputting and HD SDI signal to HD SDI monitor, with the AE  preference video preview selected on AJAKona 1080i25 RGBA. (Full HD comp  of course) While at Full/100% everything is working in Realtime and I  have my full HD preview running on my monitor, as soon as I choose to  preview in Half Res and 50% size, everything runs at 6-8 fps.  IT IS  IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK LIKE THIS! and is very frustrating.
      In a comp which is standard PAL all works fine in Full/Half/Quarter  etc...
      My AJA control panel output1 is set to 1080i and the secondary  output to 625i and is connected to an SD monitor in order to have both  HD and SD monitoring but this should not be a problem....

      I am desperately looking for a solution for that and any help will  be appreciated.

      ThanX in advance and happy holiday season to all.