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    Indesign CS3 AHHHHHHH!

      I am having a few issues to say the least with Indesign CS3.

      I have intel mac with the dual x 2 2.66 with 2g ram. running leopard.

      I have been running CS3 for about a month now, and tried quite a few things to sort the problems. I have downloaded all the latest drivers/updates.

      I have check the forums and some of these issues have been brought up before, but I could see and solutions as of yet. Also never seen anyone with all the same issues that I have.

      I still have indesign CS1 on the system, and if I open up older documents in that I do not have any of the following problems.


      I have a Xerox Docucolor 240 with Fiery Rip.
      The problem is that if I have a job set up landscape in CS3, when I print it out, (as before in CS1 in would automatically rotate the image to fit the paper) but now in CS3 the job comes out on a sheet the portrait with half the image missing off the right-hand side.

      I have a DPX System CTP - Computer to Plate System with harlequin ripmate.
      The problem is that I send jobs through for the printers to make the plates. What used to happen when I ran CS1 and still does in CS1 is that the job would go through for the appropriate press. It would go into the job queue and wait until the printer need them and then they outputted them. It was nice and easy because the queue would have the job name and the pantone number as the file reference. But now using indesign CS3 the file name has been replaced with the press name, so if there are lots of files through for the same press the printer has to spend half his time check each job until he find the one he need.

      Thirdly, and this is not to do with a printer, but it still annoying.
      When I print out a document, I might only be printing page 1 of a multi page document, so what I do is print one copy of page one just to check that the document is. Then if everything was ok I would just press print and quickly enter the quantity and then print. Now after I have printed the proof page it resets the page range and if I forget (which does sometimes happen) I get all the pages. AHHH!!

      Any help would be appreciated.