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    for mr.wade


      mr.wade, i add this file and i hope you can recorrection it,adn i'd liketo ask how to place an .ai file to photoshop. i made it in 40 cm to 9cm than I place it to 400cm to 90 cm..it spent a long time in my computers... hope you can help me...

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          Well it takes a long time but I had a hard time myself. I t can take easily fifteen minutes to place or open the file I created a document large enough to fill all the art and copied and pasted choosing the place the file as a smart object.


          I did the same as a pdf and opened that as a smart object and that took about fifteen minutes.


          I do not know what is causing this fie to be so hard to manage?


          This is cut and pasted into Photoshop and I am showing how I added an extra ball and updated the smart object


          Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 12.42.33 AM.png


          Here it is placed as a smart object from a pdf it can updated the same way but only shows the cropped size


          BTW very nice work and to that end why do you need to place this in Photoshop?


          Would AI or ID be better?


          Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 12.57.19 AM.png

          It can be placed in PSCS 4 as well as at last a rastered file and not a smart object though I would think it can also be a smart object.


          Can I ask you why you need to place it in PS?