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    pcw5892 Level 1

      I am continually seeing this error message, I have spoken with Tech support know on FOUR occasions and logged it THREE times with we support, despite this being a common issue there appears to be no solution and trying to find someone that can help and reset my activation count seems nigh on impossible. All I get from tech support is that ADE is no longer supported try web support!!!. There must be a resolution out there and someone who can reset the count, ideally a patch to fix it would be preferred!!       Help anyone!!!

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          vanillabeen14 Level 1

          I am having a similar problem.  Every time I open ADE, I have to authorize my computer.  Isn't once enough?  And now, I can't get to any of my downloads because there have been too many activations.  Do you have to authorize your computer every time you want to open ADE, or is it supposed to be a one time thing?  If it's a one time thing, why isn't my computer already authorized?



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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Yes to get this fixed you need to log a tech support case by going through the Web Portal http://www.adobe.ocm/support/digitaleditions/ (click on "Submit a web case").  Make sure to include the AdobeID you are using along with the full text of the error message in your description.

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              pcw5892 Level 1

              I will be out of the office starting 24/12/2009 and will not return until



              I will be on holiday until Monday 4th January 2010.

              Should you need my urgent input please contact me via my mobile phone and

              leave a message that I will respond to when in a position to do so.



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                pcw5892 Level 1

                Thanks Jim,


                I have logged this and am not so patiently waiting............ I notice that you have managed to reset authorisations for other users, would there be any chance of a little seasonal good cheer and kindly do the same for me, I would be extremely grateful, and it would keep the peace in the house tonight!


                many hopeful thanks!