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    Code hinting incomplete

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      Hey guys, new here, apologies in advance if I'm not following appropriate procedure.


      Simple question followed by the full story:  Is there a way to force Eclipse/Flex Builder to rebuild it's inline drop down code hinting list?  I'm not talking about ctrl+spacebar, I mean get the whole program to include features not in an older SDK when you update to a newer one?


      The full story:  I'm adapting some well written code from Keith Hair for finding line intersections, which returns null if no intersection is found.  My code returns the x-value from the Point of intersection, but obviously can't return null.x, so I tried to have my code return a NaN when it gets a null from Keith's function.  A quick look at the Flex API for Number reveals that the static constant NaN is available as Number.NaN, so I go back to Flex Builder type "Number.", the code hinting list pops up, and low and behold "NaN" ain't there.


      Because I like to jump to the worst, I assume my SDK is out of date or something, so I update it from 3.2 to 3.5, restart Flex Builder, but alas, it is not on the list again.  So I begin updating Eclipse and generally just start going nuts without much to show for it.  Throwing my hands up in exasperation, I just try typing Number.NaN into the code, rebuild the workspace, and happily there are no errors, but NaN is still not in the code hinting list.  Clearly, this isn't so much an issue for NaN (it'll be fairly easy to remember how to get at it again in the future) but what gives me pause is wondering if there are other functions or constants I am missing when I browse through the code hinting list.  My faith in the completeness of this feature is broken, please help.


      It's possible that this is a question better suited for the Eclipse forums, and if so, please let me know, I just thought I'd venture here first.  Thanks very much.



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          So apparently Number.NaN is equivalent to just typing NaN (I do indeed feel like an idiot), but Number. produces a code hinting list with both POSITIVE_INFINITY and NEGATIVE_INFINITY, even though those are also interchangeable with Infinity and -Infinity respectively.  What's going on here?