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    Windows mobile version now even more important


      I have been an e-book reader on Windows mobile devices for many years and live in Europe.  What has happened in the last year or so with a change to copyright and internet selling laws is that all the US sites providing mobipocket and eReader books can no longer sell a useful range of newish books to European buyers.  You at Adobe seem to have sewn up most of the big European providers of ebooks with Digital Editions - but this does not help the many millions with Windows Mobile.


      I don't want to buy a new clunky too big for its own good reader device.  I like using my phone because I always have it with me when I travel the last thing I want to do is carry additional devices with additional chargers around with me.  Taking my PC to bed with me is not an option either even if I at home.  Surely it cannot be that difficult to produce a mobile version? 


      As for the WIIFU (Whats In It For You) then surely this would help you provide the ultimate standard for the sector and earn the everlasting love of millions and sell more of your book creation software.


      Andy Miller