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    Keyboard controls with the default playback skin

      Hi, I'm a noob, and this seems like it should be a noob question - but I really have searched far and wide to try to find an answer... with no luck at all. Mr Captiv8r - you may be my last hope

      In Captivate 4, I am using powerpoint import to create a presentation with audio, that can be sent via exe. Everything is dead simple, except one thing. I want to use the default skin for the playback controls (rather than create my own buttons to do exactly the same thing). But for those without a mouse, I want them to be able to skip forward and backward through slides using the keyboard. I would expect to just be able to use the cursor keys, but I can't seem to assign any key to move through the slides. It works fine when you point the mouse and click on the playback controls obviously. I would have thought this must be there somewhere as it is a basic accesability feature.

      Is there something easy I am missing, or can Captivate really not do this without designing my own playback controls using buttons, etc?

      Cheers, Andy