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    VERY strange problem with Director 11.5




      I have installed Director 11.5 on my Sony AR51 laptop running Vista Extreme.


      It installed with no problems and starts up fine.


      However, when I create a new cast member it shows up in the cast window as it should. So far so good.  This is the problem - I can not drag the cast onto either the stage or the score!  Also I can not drag Library items on to the stage.


      If I create a new cast member on the stage - it shows up on the score, but I can not drag the sprite around the score at all - I can howevewr drag the keyframes at the start and end of a sprite so I can effectively move it along the timeline it is on biut not up or down.


      I have used Director for a while now and have never had this problem.


      I did install director MX on to the same laptop and had the same issues.  I put it down to a Director/Vista issue and so upgraded to 11.5.


      Any help would be really appreciated as this is driving me nuts


      Many thanks