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    Interactions to custom component stopped working


      I have created a beta site with 6 Page States. The last state has a custom component state that has 9 states of its own. The icon on Page 1 was clickable and transitioned to State 1 of Page 6, but when I linked the remaining 8 icons on Page 1 (for a total of 9) to their component states' variation; it stopped all transition to page 6 stopped. The transitions/interaction to Page 9 w/ custom components stop working. Is their a limit to the number of  these states? All other transitions to the remaining pages are working beautifully! This is a cool program. I almost completed a project without any help other than the videos.

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          acath Level 4



          You can only have 20 states per component, but there is currently no limit on the number of components or transitions. It sounds like you either hit a bug in Catalyst or your transitions got clobbered (this sometimes happens, e.g. if you cut and paste an object that had effects attached to it, they get deleted).


          When you look at a transition to page 6, does it have any effects? Does it preview correctly, but not work at runtime?



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            manraycowboy Level 1

            Regarding your last two questions: Yes, the effects are there in the interactions command box, and it will NOT preview correctly when in Runtime.

            However, it previews using the Play arrow in the Timeline. ALSO, the Filter Effects applied to the buttons are working correctly in runtime.


            Do I need to delete and re-import the Custom Component?



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              manraycowboy Level 1

              When I am creating a custom component, am I allowed to group two objects per state, or one photo and one text block?

              See attached. Could a jpeg/text grouping be the cause for this not rendering a transition?



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                acath Level 4

                Hi DM,


                I don't totally understand your question.


                When you create a component, it becomes a self-contained, "encapsulated" object with its own states and its own transitions. The custom component can animate its contents during transitions between its states, but you can't animate the contents of a custom component during a transition of the states of the outer component (the one that contains the custom component).


                Regarding your broken transition: I would try deleting and re-creating the component and the transition in question. If that doesn't work, post your FXP here and I'll take a look.



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                  manraycowboy Level 1

                  My question was, "is there a limit to how many objects (items) can appear in a single state of a custom component?"

                  or... is there any problem with an image and a paragrah of type encapsulated together in the same custom component?


                  Okay, let me see if I understand; When the transition occurs between an OUTSIDE PAGE and the first state of the Custom Component, the transition will animate to the first state only? All other component transitions will happen only within the Custom Component. However, when a directive to an OUTSIDE PAGE is made from ANY of the Component States, there can be a transition-out available.  Right?


                  I'm rebuilding once more and see if I hit the same snag.


                  Thank you.



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                    acath Level 4

                    Gotcha. There is no limit to the number of objects per state of a custom component, and there is no problem with having text and an image in the same custom component.


                    I think your explanation of states, transitions, and custom components might still be a little confused, so let me try to explain it a different way:


                    Your main application has a set of states, aka views or places the user can go. You can create transitions that play when the user goes from a state to another state - so there are two transitions for every pair of states (A -> B and B -> A). It also has a set of objects (aka layers) which you can see in the Layers panel. Some objects only exist in one state, while some objects appear in multiple states.


                    A custom component is like an enclosed microcosm of the main application. You can create states, and define transitions between pairs of states. You also define the set of objects in the custom component. These objects may exist in one or more states of the custom component, but are separate from the objects in the main application.


                    There's no such thing as a transition from a state of the custom component to a state of the main application, or vice versa. Each component (the main application and the custom component) has its own set of states and transitions between those states. Likewise, each component has its own set of layers, and cannot manipulate the layers of other components.


                    When you have an instance of a custom component in your main application, you can set its visibility, position, and other properties in each state of the main application, but you can't make changes to its layers between states of the main application. One property that you can change is its its state (either by creating an Interaction, or by creating a "Set Component State" action in a timeline). Setting its state will cause it to play the transition that exists from its current state to the new state, if such a transition exists.


                    Does that make sense?



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                      manraycowboy Level 1

                      Here's what I am trying to do.


                      A -> B

                      B -> A

                      so far so good.


                      Now... with 28 icons on A for C1,2,3...


                      A -> C c/c state1       C c/c state1 ->A

                      A -> C c/c state2       C c/c state2 ->A

                      A -> C c/c state3       C c/c state3 ->A


                      A, B, C=pages

                      c/c =custom component embeded with multiple states


                      This link is a very rough example.


                      This link is an earlier layout, I have since reduced the number of thumbnails on Page A.

                      CLICK on the 3rd from left square on the bottom row that says NetSurant and you will see the transition.

                      The user will click on the main image to return to Page A (there is a close X there at this time). This is the transition from a state of the custom component to a state of the main application, that you stated doesn't exist. I'm trying to repeat this for all icons by using a vairable custom component as the landing state(s) embedded in Page C. There would be a corresponding thumbnail icon to large image and text in the c/c on Page C. Perhaps my methodology is wrong. Is there a better way to accomplish this?



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                        manraycowboy Level 1

                        I think what you previous said means that I should be making my thumbnail buttons and transitions to larger images (via custom component) all happen on page A.


                        But that limits me to 20 thumbnail icons only.


                        Did you get a chance to look at the link I sent you?



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                          acath Level 4

                          Hi DM,


                          I think I finally get what you're trying to do. Try this:




                          •   Your main app should have two states: "Master", and "Detail".


                          •   In the "Detail" state, create a custom component. Inside that custom component, create one state for each detail view (i.e. full-sized image and text) and place the images in those states.


                          •   Back in the main application, create 2 interactions on each thumbnail: a) on click, play transition to "Detail"; b) on click, play transition to "CustomComponent.StateX", where X is the detail view for that thumbnail.


                          •   Add an interaction to the close icon: on click, play transition to "Master".


                          •   If you need more than 20 detail views, you can create another state of the main app, Detail2, that contains another custom component with more detail views.


                          •   Optionally, you can add transitions between "Master" and "Detail".



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                            I've run into this problem as well.  You probably already figured out that in Flash Catalyst, if you have made a custom component in the main artboard, which you link to a state in the Custom Component state's artboard, you can't have the same mouse interaction.


                            For instance, if you use "on click transition to customcomponent1 state 2, while in "main artboard state 3"   you can't then go in and make that same custom component have an interaction using "on click...transition to state 3" while in state2 of customcomponent1" because it won't work.


                            You either have to make the first interaction by using "onmousedown" transition and the second interaction with an "onclick"  because otherwise it won't work.


                            that's what i've figured out so far, and it's definitely a bug.