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    Transition one of a skin's properties

    allanjard Level 1

      Hello all,


      When using skin's, I've been following the "Creating custom skin properties" ( http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/flex4beta/xml/fiaw_v3_10.html ) video from Flex 4 beta in a week series. This is great - and I can set the property I want no problem - but what I would like to do is change the alpha of one of the skin's shapes depending on the state of the host component. I'm not sure how I can do that - is there a 'how to' or demo of this available?


      To give an example use case, I've subclassed the VScrollBar control and have moved the scrollbar components around in the skin. What I would like to try and do, to see how it can be done, is to change the alpha on only the track, depending on the state of the host component.


      Many thanks,