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    Structure error I am guessing...

      Ok... this script has been around a long time. Its a portfolio script that loads pictures from a MySQL database with the help of a PHP script and displays them on a flash page three at a time. I have been modifying the script so that the items can be displayed by category (I'll post the finished script if anyone is interested). The problem I am having is with the foward button. When all of the images are displayed the button should be disabled, instead a page loads is "Undefined" in the text areas.

      The button works fine when the database content ends so that one or two images appear on the last page, but if the number of items in the database is a multiple of 3, then it does as previously mentioned.
      I imagine the problem is in the "if (three<_global.theEnd)" statement. The global "theEnd" is defined in the "showContent" function.

      Not sure of the best way to handle this...I appreciate any ideas and thoughts.