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    Flex for Touch Screen Interfaces

      I am evaluating using Flex for the development of a couple of touch screen kiosk projects. One major issue is the UI elements like scroll bars. For both these projects, scroll bars are a design necessity. (For better or for worse) Looking at the class references it does not seem immediately clear that the scroll bars can be modified in size. I do see that they can be skinned, but there is no indication that I can go from the 16 px wide vertical scroller to one say 48 px wide.
      Any thoughts?
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          cxf02 Level 1
          I believe you can. If you lookup the source code you can change these constants, create your own libraries and use them. you will have to learn FLEX beyond evaluating it to prove this out, but it could be done. It's open source, but you need to check out the type of license. You may be able to sell it as a proprietary component.