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    RTMP Failover/TCP Directory Service

    CDGD Level 1

      Most, but not all our FMS Interactive App clients are behind corporate firewalls, so UDP is a non-starter for us. However those clients can use UDP within the corporate network.If just one, in each location, was also connected to our FMS server so it could 'proxy' streams into an RTMFP network, that would be something amazing. Clients could first try an RTMFP connection, then fail over to an RTMP(T) one. There would be an FMS/TCP 'bridge' between subnets.


      This obviously couldn't work today because each client would need to be able to make its own connection to Stratus.  However, as every client has to connect to Stratus over UDP. But Is this kind of failover/hybrid architecture a future possibility? Is it possible to have a TCP-based Rendezvous service?