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      I attached one .pdf and one .doc into my file, selecting a new window for opening, as I learnt here a few days ago.
      The .pdf works well everywhere.
      The .doc does not open at each time: it has worked on my computer, by now I obtain a message of impossibility.
      But it works on another computer.
      Maybe it is a problem of security parameter of the navigator against ActivX control, because, I changed it. But I did it as a blind person, because I don't understand anything about all the parameters.
      My learner will not be able to change their parameters at all.
      Maybe I would change my .doc in .pdf, but I would know before if there is another solution. Thank you!
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          jbradley88 Level 2
          If publishing your troublesome Word doc as a .PDF is an option, I'd definitely go with that.

          In the past, Word documents have been known to propagate viruses and other bad things, so antivirus software and security settings tend to really restrict your ability to arbitrarily launch and work with them.
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            jojolina Level 1

            You are the man/woman. Just posting to say thanks on this answer and slightly embarassed as I never thought of the security issues re Word.