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    xml file + alpha of this file


      I have a movieclip and in this movieclip I have a dynamic textfield. In this dynamic textfield I load in an external xml file.
      Now I want the movieclip to fade in on the stage. This works fine but the dynamic textfield doesn't fade in with the movieclip.
      The textfield is inside the movieclip but still it doesn't fade in.

      So when I test the my .fla, the movieclip nicely fades in, but the text appears immediately without fade in.

      For the textfield I also use a stylesheet(var styles:TextField.Stylesheet = new TextField.Stylesheet();)

      My question is: is it possible to apply _alpha to an external loaded xml file?
      (when I embed the font used, the text doesn't show up at all)

      Silky JacK.