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    Unloading a movie loader within a flash site

      I built a website in a Flash CS3 AS 2.0 file with a portfolio gallery made up of their own external swf files. I added a loader component for each gallery. At the end of each gallery movie I have a back button to go back to all the main topics in the portfolio page. The button panel for each gallery slides down covering the main buttons for all the gallery topics and when I am finished looking through each gallery piece I click on the back button and the panel slides up and hides revealing the main buttons again.

      Even though the movie gallery is gone and not visible I am unfortunately still at the same place in my timeline where the loader and other information for that gallery is there.
      How do I unload the movie when it is done and return to my main portfolio section of my site? I am new at web production. Please help if you can!
      Here is a temporary address to the site: http://manganinc.pieper.com/piepert/index.htm Text">Text