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    Best practice for importing videos

      My company is currently evaluating Adobe Presenter to possibly move our training efforts towards Adobe Flash technology. Currently we produce AVI videos which are converted to WMV for web delivery. Since we have 100's of these videos, our preference is to convert these AVI (or WMV) files and embed them into a slide in PPT/Presenter.

      Our videos consist of an instructor's desktop showing our home-grown software and how to use it. So, unlike live action video, a lossy solution won't work for us as it distorts the fine details of our software interface.

      I've tried having Presenter convert the AVI for me into FLV but the results were not acceptable (keep in mind we need to expand the video to completely fill the PPT slide. For an example, see: http://training.dmsi.com/test2/

      For cases like this, is it better to try to find an separate AVI to FLV converter or an AVI to SWF converter? If so, what software is recommended? In my tests either the image is distorted or the video contains oddities, like blurring then sharpening throughout the video playback.

      Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.