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    Printing TOC

      To print a TOC, the Help file says:

      Click the TOC tab.

      Select the Print button .

      Select the information to print.

      It fails to say where the TOC tab is, and I can't find it. Seems crazy to waste time on such as this; and it would have been so easy to make the instruction clear.
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          anubisascends Level 1
          Go to View -> Pods -> Project Manger.

          Once you have this pod open, double click on the default TOC found in the Table of Contents folder.

          I vaugley remeber seeing it somewhere in help, but I can't remeber where now.
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            harooki2 Level 1
            All that does is get me the TOC pod. I had that open already, but I don't see a TOC tab or any way I can print it from there. Since my post, I have found that you can print it from the File menu (Ctrl+P); but that does not jibe with the Help instructions.