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    this[id] doesn't see dynamically created objects????

    Aphalin1 Level 1

      Hey all!

      If i have



      <mx:Canvas id="TopCanvas" initialize="Init()">

      <mx:Canvas id="VisibleCanvas" >







      1. function Init(){
      2. var NewO = new Canvas();
      3. NewO.id="InvisibleCanvas";
      4. TopCanvas.addChild(NewO);
      5. if (this["VisibleCanvas"]){
      6. //We can see non-dynamically created canvas
      7. }
      8. if (this["InvisibleCanvas"]){
      9. //ERROR we cannot see the new one!
      10. }
      11. }


      Help please! How to access dynamically created Canvases via their id? I know i can save linkage to them in array, but i need to do it through id.