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    Component creation

      I was asked to create an ActionScript library that talks to a two-way ethernet controller that creates and accepts commands. Each command has an id and a parameter, ie:

      "Power", "On"
      "Volume_Up", "1"

      Using Flex I created the ActionScript classes and a test project which works fine. As a long-time programmer this was very straightforward to do but now I have been asked to create a component that can be used in Flash so interfaces can easily be made using this library and was hoping someone could give me an tips on how they would expect it to be implemented.

      As a C/C++ Windows programmer I envision creating something like a COM object, is this possible? I would also like to make it as simple as possible for non-programmers to use. Is there a way to create a component so that the events generated from the object could be linked as a cue through the GUI to start an animation or will this always require ActionScript? Of course I only have 1 event, "OnCommand", which passes the id and value of the command. This object has some properties I would like settable through the GUI as well such as IP Address and retry interval.

      Finally can I do this all in Flex or do I need to use Flash? I must admit Flash is somewhat confusing as a programmer and hope I can stay in Flex but will learn whatever will create the best result.