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    Data driven graphics - output not in layer order(with files added)


      Hi All


      I am using CS3 Fireworks, making numbers on small icon button with different text and graphics.

      xml table is prepared.


      I made a Fireworks template file with text/image variables in single layer, order as below:



      1. Text var.(button name)
      2. image var.(icon graphic)
      3. image var.(button background graphic)


      then run the wizard and the output becomes:



      1. image var.(button background  graphic)
      2. Text var.(button name)
      3. image var.(icon graphic)


      The swop image include auto shape vector graphics, bitmap(PNG),

      I tried using vectors with live filter but doesn't work, so flattened to bitmap(PNG)


      is there any method to keep the output as preferred orders? Please help.