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    Automated way to replace the [Related Links] button with flat See also list?

    yenelli Level 1

      Using RH8 HTML on a project created in RH5. Is there any quick and dirty way to transpose the Related Links button into the expanded hyperlinks?


      I can do the manual version, but there are 600 or more topics. I don't know how to mix a script into RH8, but maybe it's possible with a VBscript acting on the topic .htm files?



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          Praful_Jain Level 3


          You can use the Extendscript support provided in RoboHTML 8, to accomplish, the task.


          I am attaching a sample script file which does the same for you. The script file will traverse all the topics and snippet files, and read all the related topics in the files, and replace them with the hyperlinks for those topics.


          You need to do the following steps

          1. Back up your original project, before running this script file.
          2. Download the script file, it is uploaded @ https://acrobat.com/#d=bnJOu4pwBrXFTG*kDuLRnQ, also I have attached the file with this reply.
          3. Open RoboHTML 8, go to View>Pods>Script Explorer, and right click and import the downloaded script file.
          4. Open the project (which as already backed-up) in RobHTML 8.
          5. Select the script in the script explorer pod, right click and select run.
          6. THe script will convert all the related topics to hyperlinks.



          You can also change the style of the hyperlinks created in the script file, look for the function AddHyperlinkInTopic in the script file. Here you can add what ever style class name in the hyperlinks.



          Hope this help you.


          -Praful Jain